Parker Glynn-Adey (pgadey) wrote in mathsex,
Parker Glynn-Adey

What I don't know that I don't know

I'm at a small liberal arts university studying mathematics. I'm particularly drawn to algebra. Group theory and its (co)homology seem interesting to me. The problem I'm faced with though, is that there are only two other people in my groups class, and one was the professor. The exact same thing happened in my rings class, my galois theory class was just me and the professor. I have no friends to talk to in person about anything mathematically interesting. I'm feeling like my exposure to this stuff is really limited. When I go to the undergrad math conferences I really enjoy the atmosphere and the opportunity to discuss interesting problems. I've done a little bit of graduate algebraic topology, at a summer school, which was nice - again the company of like minded individuals was very welcome. Did anyone have a similar undergrad experience? Have they since evaporated? How can I tell if I know anything about anything or where my education stands relative to other Canadian undergrad programs?
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