FRIDGE (math_fridge) wrote in mathsex,

Math is like cake

Math is like cake:

It is easy and delicious to consume, (though sometimes it may be too dense and cause you to forget to feed yourself anything else that day).
If you bake one from a known recipe, it will probably be good, (unless it was designed as an excuse to use some exotic ingredient that we don't really know what to do with yet, regardless of how useful for consumption the result is).
If you don't use a recipe, when the result falls apart or tastes awful, it is not always obvious where you went wrong.
If you bake a good one without writing down what you did, it doesn't count because you'll probably never be able to reproduce it.
If you develop your own recipe, you'll find that getting it into a cookbook so that others can use it is very difficult. (But you can always post it online.)

Who can think of more ways in which math is like cake?

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