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Math Blogging?


I'm looking for a nice way to blog the math content and photos I'll be taking next term. From what I understand Wordpress seems like a pretty good way to do this. Does anyone have recommendations for how to go about doing this? Any personal experience out there? I'm looking for hopefully free stuff.
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Maths in your panties

From Boing Boing,

What the $*@&#! is the Nephroid of Freeth?

And just to whet your appetites...

"ore commonly called Freeth's Nephroid (which makes it sound less like a tentacled devourer of souls and more like a little boy's pet monster), it's actually a special plane curve--which is also not as weird and confusing as it sounds...

...Strophoids are curves, but they're also things that happen to curves. Plane curves that get their panties in a bunch, if you will."
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Mandelbrot sex

So if a Mandelbrot set were to get pregnant and have offspring, how would that look?

I mean, you know how it sort of looks like there are little blobs coming out of the pointy bit (or the other end, depending on which direction you think things are moving), I'm wondering how this might be animated (for a cartoon) so that it was a reasonably accurate representation of how the math actually works.

Anyone have any suggestions for a visual way to make Mandelbrot babies?