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it's not about the sex- it's about the math! [entries|friends|calendar]
mathematical reality

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Math Blogging? [27 Nov 2009|09:43pm]


I'm looking for a nice way to blog the math content and photos I'll be taking next term. From what I understand Wordpress seems like a pretty good way to do this. Does anyone have recommendations for how to go about doing this? Any personal experience out there? I'm looking for hopefully free stuff.
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It's been that kind of week [22 Nov 2009|05:09pm]

"Every time I check the exponent, it gets worse. Maybe I should stop checking it."

- me
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[22 Nov 2009|04:39pm]


Courtesy of Abstruse Goose. Discuss.
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Maths in your panties [19 Nov 2009|10:28am]

[ mood | drooool ]

From Boing Boing,

What the $*@&#! is the Nephroid of Freeth?

And just to whet your appetites...

"ore commonly called Freeth's Nephroid (which makes it sound less like a tentacled devourer of souls and more like a little boy's pet monster), it's actually a special plane curve--which is also not as weird and confusing as it sounds...

...Strophoids are curves, but they're also things that happen to curves. Plane curves that get their panties in a bunch, if you will."
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Fermat's Room [11 Nov 2009|06:09pm]

I don't know if anyone here has seen this but it's quite good. I found it in a local Blockbuster in the foreign section (actually one that was closing and selling out all of their DVDs).

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10 years later... [05 Nov 2009|01:56pm]

...and I'm still tripping up on regions of triple integration.

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[25 Oct 2009|05:48pm]

What do you think - should I make "catch you on the Fourier side" my new cool guy signoff?
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[05 Oct 2009|10:51pm]

Hausdorff, as you have never seen him before.
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[01 Oct 2009|03:37pm]

Sometimes, I think I should just arXiv unedited first drafts and call it Errataganza! Everyone could join. There could be a conga line.
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Mandelbrot sex [27 Sep 2009|09:59pm]

So if a Mandelbrot set were to get pregnant and have offspring, how would that look?

I mean, you know how it sort of looks like there are little blobs coming out of the pointy bit (or the other end, depending on which direction you think things are moving), I'm wondering how this might be animated (for a cartoon) so that it was a reasonably accurate representation of how the math actually works.

Anyone have any suggestions for a visual way to make Mandelbrot babies?
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I saw this and had to post it here [25 Sep 2009|06:04pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

pi garter belt

I've been searching under "math" at etsy, some of the stuff is really cool (eg ruler earrings, Teach your baby to count in primes and lots of abacus pendants). And some of it is just odd :)

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It's on! [04 Sep 2009|01:21pm]

Yo dawg,

I heard you liked exchanging limits and integrals

so I dominated your integrands

so now you can take the integral of your limit

while you take the limit of your integrals.

(Ok, that wasn't very good. :( )
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[01 Sep 2009|04:20pm]

Solve for x:

Q: Where does a(n) x-pound gorilla sit?
A: Wherever he wants to.

Seriously, Google says just about any x in the interval [600,2000]. Was there ever a time when this was standardized?
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Your dirty mind. [01 Sep 2009|09:18am]


The ASPCM wishes to inform you that there was math inolved in the creation of this still picture.
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Mathscakes [01 Sep 2009|07:39pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Via Cake Wrecks I came across this fantastically nerdy physicists wedding cake and thus Geek Cake, a blog celebrating geeky cakes.

Ok, it's not maths exactly but it does have equations on it. Equations! On a wedding cake! Why didn't I think of that?

EDIT: It's been pointed out that the blog hasn't updated in a year :(

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"Places" in life, and in math. [27 Aug 2009|08:47am]

Today, I have both a request and an offer for you mathsexy folks...

First the request. I'm wondering if there's a general and/or more technically descriptive sounding term for the "place" digits in larger numbers. You know, like the one's place, ten's place, hundred's place in base ten numbers. Is there a name other than "place digits" that I can use to describe these exponentially growing levels?

And now the offer. The reason I'm asking is because I've come up with an interesting theory of growth and development in life (including the growth of our most intimate relationships, of course, since they are a key component of perpetuating this whole life thing). My theory involves using binary counting. Life seems to grow through exponentially increasing "places" just like numbers do. Each jump to a new level (1, 10, 100, 1000) represents a new dimension, essentially, of ability and awareness in the individual. I'd been using the Cartesian grid system for plotting the growth in two and then three dimensions, but as I was starting to think about the fourth dimension/level someone suggested I check out Stephen Wolfram's A New Kind of Science, and the otherwise unassuming binary version of the "cellular automata" type images just jumped out at me as being the right way to do it.

So yeah, here's my memetically procreative offering...

The text version:

1's place - Physical Growth - input (0) and output (1) of resources focusing on what I need
10's place - Emotional Growth - input and output of resources (focus on what my closest companion needs)
100's place - Intellectual Growth - input and output of resources focusing on what my whole community/cultural-group needs
1000's place - Spiritual Growth - input and output of resources focusing on what all life needs

And, here's a pretty diagram version, with bonus fifth dimension (10000's place), as yet to be named or really understood at all, but nonetheless predicted by sexy math! Also, here's an older non-binary Cartesian version in 3D, which may, or may not be at all meaningful.

Also, amusingly, I recently discovered that describing growth of life by counting in binary has been around for millennia in the form of the I Ching. And, the levels described in the I Ching are indeed essentially the same as the levels described in my theory. (Only theirs have more metaphors using interesting non-human animals, the traditional elements like earth, air, fire, and water, and funky geographical stuff like mountains and marshes and rivers and such, while I tend to use more modern human-centered social and person ideals such as freedom, belonginess, leadership, creativity, uniqueness, diversity, peace, etc.) MathSexy!
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What does this graph have to do with the number 7? [12 Aug 2009|10:12am]

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Spam tshirts eggs and spam [01 Aug 2009|07:15pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

I was tossing up whether or not it would be appropriate for me to promote my mathsy tshirts here, and then realised I had some legitimate not-spam questions too.

So, first, the shameless plug: As far as I can tell my Redbubble site is the only place IN THE WORLD selling girly maths shirts (I have shirts for non-mathsy and/or non-female people too)

AND I'm the only supplier of Christmas themed aperiodic tilings of the plane (I'm less sure there's a market for this, but more sure I'm unique)

Second, two questions: Am I the only place selling maths shirts aimed at women? Or are there others? I couldn't find any last I looked which is why I decided to design some(*). The closest I've seen is Science!.

Also, when you see this shirt do you think "maths" or "fraternity"? I was going for the first but have a feeling I hit the second :/ Any suggestions for ways of making it mathsier will receive my eternal gratitude but no share of the profits :D

EDIT: After poking about a bit I found this binary love shirt, which is aimed at computer geeks but still kinda mathsy.

(*)Yes, I can (and do) wear unisex designs but it's nice to have the option, especially since so much science/geek stuff ignores our existence

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[25 Jul 2009|01:50am]

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Yeah, I just went there. [22 Jul 2009|08:37am]

Happy Pi Approximation Day! :) :) :)
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